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Mr.  Graeme Bowman
Creation Date: Friday, 17 April 2009
Position: Director
Company: Bowman Enterprises
Location: Victoria
Website: http://www.graemebowman.com
Speaker bio:

I fix one main problem: many conferences and events are predictable, ho-hum affairs. People doze off, their minds wander, they fiddle with their BlackBerrys. I help to prevent that. As a full-time professional Master of Ceremonies, Corporate Comedian and Hoax Speaker, my job is to turn ho-hum into ha-ha. I also motivate people to think more creatively, as Im an Accredited Lateral Thinking Trainer.

My areas of specialisation centre around the types of presentations I give, events I appear at, and clients I work for. Types of clients: I mainly work in the corporate area for companies, associations and all levels of government. Major clients I have worked for include IBM, AMP, DaimlerChrysler, Canon, Pfizer, Coca Cola, BHP, Telstra, Shell. Types of events: sales kick-offs, conferences, product launches, awards dinners, VIP client events, Christmas breakups, professional development seminars. Types of presentations: hoax speaking, stand-up comedy, master of ceremonies, lateral thinking keynotes, creativity workshops. Heres how all of the above add value to my clients: At conferences and sales kick-offs, I inject a sense of fun, energy and professionalism. Laughter gives conference audiences a mental breather when it is interspersed throughout the business sessions.

At an awards dinners or VIP client event, nothing breaks the ice and brings the audience together like a good laugh. I am regarded as a low-tech, low-cost solution for product launches and national roadshows. Relevant humour can help to launch a new product in a way that is quirky and memorable. I convey serious messages through humorous characters. I can raise sensitive or controversial issues in a dramatic or comic way, issues that are very much on the minds of the audience, and which need to be addressed. I show people how to think laterally.

I offer an entertaining keynote address that motivates people to challenge their current thinking style, then gives them valuable tips on how to think more creatively, in order to kick-start the process of innovation. This keynote can extend into a workshop where participants focus on their own issues, or develop new product or marketing concepts, etc. I also write speeches for executives, and script and act in corporate videos.

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Areas of expertise:
Copywriting and creative

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