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The place where you can discover the latest in marketing thinking and education from marketing professionals around the world.  You’ll find loads of free content including: whitepapers, books, newsletters, blogs, articles, samples, case studies, ads on YouTube, Tweets and more, as well as online training, speakers and trainers,  DVDs, books, webcasts and other educational services. Shortly you’ll be able to search for jobs as well.

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If you need a marketing speaker or trainer you can find what you want on our specialist marketing speakers’ bureau – just search by topic or speaker’s name.

And if you’re looking for a training session specifically designed for your company or marketing department, just contact us. We draw on our vast network of trainers and educators, as well as our pool of proven courses, to tailor a session specifically to meet your organisation’s requirements.

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Wherever you are in your marketing career we look forward to welcoming you to The Marketing Campus and having you as an active part of the community.

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Connection Generation
- by Iggy Pintado
$39.95 Includes GST, P&H
Direct Marketing Made Easy
- by Malcolm Auld
$55.00 Includes GST, P&H
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