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What is fulfilment?


Fulfilment is everything you do from the time a prospect or customer responds to you, to the time you fulfil the promise you made to them in a satisfactory way. It is a major contributor to building your brand values in the eyes of your customers. Fulfilment covers things like:

  • The ease with which people can respond to you
  • The forms they fill in or the telephone numbers they call
  • The security of your order system
  • The way you answer the phone
  • The time you take to fulfil their request or order
  • The tracking services you provide
  • They way you deal with problems or complaints
  • How you package what you send out
  • The way you invoice customers
  • Your after-sales service and much more

Many companies don't consider how they are going to fulfil orders or leads until after they have started to advertise. You must start thinking about your fulfilment process while you're planning your marketing activity. It is often better to start at the finish and assume you have generated successful orders, then work backwards to resolve how best to manage them.

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