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Marketing Resources - Marketing Questions
Here are some answers to typical marketing questions. We are continually adding Q & A’ s so if you have a question you want answered, please contact us.

Direct Marketing and Branding

How do I identify direct marketing opportunities?
What is a brand?
What is direct marketing?
What is the difference between a brand advertisement and a direct response advertisement?
What is the difference between above- and below-the-line advertising?
What is the difference between an advertising executive and a direct marketer?


Should I undertake research?
What response rate will I get?
What should I measure in my results?
What types of research are there?


Should I manage the database or use a bureau service?
What can a database do for me?
What do I put on my database?
What is a database?
Why is a database valuable?


What is fulfilment?


What should I test?
What types of tests are there?
Why test?

E-mail Marketing

How do I build my own list?
How do I rent lists?
What does a mailhouse do?
What is an e-mail distributor?
What is a mailing list?
What is RFM?
What is spam?
What types of lists are there?
Why do I need permission to send an e-mail?


Do I need permission to call?
What is telemarketing?

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