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Marketing Articles

12312 (DOC)
xd (PDF)
Hitting the target (PDF)
Innovative data and customer profiling services are providing marketers with a more intelligent way to find customers. Priority talks to two organisations about their winning strategies for customer acquisition. [Priority magazine]
The social revolution (PDF)
The widespread use of social media translates into massive marketing potential for companies large and small. But not every venture into this fast-growing arena guarantees success, so it pays to take a measured approach before “going social”. [Priority magazine]
Many happy returns (PDF)
Building and nurturing customer loyalty is fundamental to achieving business success. Yet gaining a precise picture of the true lifetime value of customers has been an elusive concept – until now.
The power of two (PDF)
Smart marketers have realised that successful direct marketing is not a one-way street – the most effective way to reach customers is through integrated campaigns.
Top 10 direct-mail mistakes (PDF)
Rebecca Pountey (Australia Post) and Linda Loose (Linda Loose Marketing & Communications & ADMA Hall of Fame inductee) discuss the top 10 direct-mail mistakes.
New DM technology (PDF)
Fundraising & Philanthropy Magazine
Direct Mail Renaissance (PDF)
Mortgage Brief Magazine
Big Future for DM (PDF)
B&T Magazine
Spice Up Direct Mail (PDF)
Priority Magazine
DM Testing (PDF)
Print21 Magazine
B2B Marketing (PDF)
Print21 Magazine
Sexing Up Direct Mail (PDF)
Print21 Magazine
Beware the digital voodoo (PDF)
Print21 Magazine
Make your copy more effective by making it easier to read (PDF)
Print21 Magazine
Blogging (PDF)
NZMarketing Magazine
This Time it''s Personal (PDF)
Desktop Magazine
Retro Marketing (PDF)
Marketing Magazine
Pac Print ''05 (PDF)
Marketing Magazine
Direct Mail Renaissance (PDF)
Marketing Magazine
Brand Experiences Part 1 (PDF)
Marketing Magazine
Brand Experiences Part 2 (PDF)
Marketing Magazine
Direct Mail Best and Worst (PDF)
Marketing Magazine
Wine Marketing (PDF)
Priority Magazine
PURLs now available to all marketers, printers and mailhouses (PDF)
Print21 Magazine
Growing Magazine Subscriptions (PDF)
Publish Magazine
Email Marketing (PDF)
Marketing Magazine
Sexing Up Direct Marketing (PDF)
Direct Marketing Magazine
Nailing Mailing (PDF)
Marketing Magazine

White Papers

Selling Money by Drayton Bird (PDF)
Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins (PDF)


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